Survey among breeding facilities

The Laboratory Animal Science (LAS) group from the i3S (Porto) is performing a large-scale survey among mice breeding facilities in Europe. The aim of the survey is to map housing and husbandry practices used for breeding laboratory mice, as part of a research project into mouse pup mortality. These data will allow the elaboration of a list of key risk factors for pup mortality with the underlying objective to reduce litter loss and improve welfare in breeding facilities. This study will also result in scientific publication.

HOW TO HELP US: Laboratory managers are invited to participate in a questionnaire (on average 30 min).

WHAT TYPE OF QUESTIONS: Questionnaire about mice and housing characteristics as well as practices in terms of systematic collection of data, inspection routines, breeding protocol, cleaning methods and measures used to reduce pup mortality. Questions about perceived pup mortality will also be asked.

THE SURVEY DOES NOT AIM AT: Neither commenting managing procedures used in this facility nor advising and informing employees and managers about alternatives but just at recording general information about pup mortality and housing and husbandry practices in the present breeding facility.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Breeding facility identification and localization will be kept confidential all along the project and thereafter. The breeding facility will not be identifiable when results are presented.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE OR RECEIVE MORE INFORMATION: Simply send an email to Dr. Sophie Brajon ( or use the contact form on the website.